Sports Day

We had our sports day today and we were so lucky with the weather ,no rain. We had egg and spoon, sack race and running races. We went to the field behind the community centre,

Teddy Bears Picnic.

We went on our Teddy Bears Picnic today and had a gret time. We didn't go too far because black clouds were hanging around .We were lucky it didn't rain. We had it under the trees near the big yard, Everybody had lovely teddies and soft toys and a rubbish lunch(sweets and bars). We sat on the parachute we use for P.E cause the ground was damp. Back in  class they coloured in a lovely picture and sang teddy songs.

Our Vegetables

The lettuce ,radishes , potatoes and runner beans are growing well now that the weather has improved. We had 1 ripe strawberry on Friday. They like the bit of heat and sun.

Releasing our butterflies.

We released our 4 butterflies on Friday . We did it at the trees near the school. It was great fun and the kids loved holding them.


Teacher took the butterfly garden with the caterpillars in it home for the long weekend in case they decided to hatch out. And guess what they did, one on Monday and the other 3 today. I was so glad cause I was able to give them sugary water and leaves. The kids will be so excited when I bring them in tomorrow.


This week we made lovely kites from cardboard, painted them, put on a face and streamers and bows and strings. There  was no shortage of wind this week so we were able go fly them this morning. We also sang " Lets go fly a kite".


Our caterpillars are now in their cocoons and we transferred them to their butterfly garden today. We will be watching them every day.